Insurance During Retirement

Many things change when you retire. Like your priorities, activities, and daily schedule. One thing remains the same, or becomes even more important; insuring yourself, your health and your assets. Will the insurance you have when you're working, be appropriate in your retirement?

Find out what you need

First thing, come talk to us at ACU. We'll help ensure you choose the insurance and coverage that's right for you and your heirs.

Life insurance

The proper life insurance policy will provide you with great peace of mind, take care of any concerns you have with your estate, and cover many of the expenses that will arise when you die. Insurance provides for your heirs and an income for those who depend on your financial support. It also looks after your funeral costs, legal and executor fees, and can pay off any taxes you owe at death.

Health insurance

The earlier you get health insurance and life insurance, the better off you'll be. Health insurance can be a great help if you get sick and need special medical care; it can cover the costs of prescription medications or any medical supplies as well as extended hospital stays and any special homecare you might need.



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