Telephone Banking Guide

Paying bills using your phone

Pay bills quickly and easily using our telephone banking system on your mobile phone or landline.

Dial 204.958.8588 or toll-free 1.877.958.8588 and follow the steps below

  1. Press 1 for telephone banking
  2. Press 2 for financial transactions
  3. Enter your 16-digit debit card number, followed by the number sign #
  4. Enter your 5 to 8 digit numeric Telephone  Access Code number, followed by the number #
  5. Press 2 to perform a bill payment
  6. Press 1 to pay a bill
  7. A list of all existing bill payment vendors will be played back for you to select
  8. You will be requested to enter the amount in dollars and cents followed by the #  sign
  9. The amount you entered will be played back to you and you'll be given the option to confirm the amount, Press 1 to confirm or Press 2 to re-enter the amount or Press 8 to listen to the options again.
  10. A choice of accounts to pay the bill will be listed for you to select. Press 1 for chequing, Press 2 for savings, etc.
  11. The amount entered including “to” and “from” accounts will be replayed. Press 1 if correct or 2 if in-correct (if in-correct, the transaction will be cancelled)
  12. Once the transaction is complete, you'll be given a confirmation number to record on your bill in case you need it for your records
  13. Once you've paid all your bills, you can press * to end the call, or simply hang up

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