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How is Mobile Web different than Online Banking?

Mobile Web is what we call banking using any web browser on your mobile device (web-enabled cellphone or tablet) that's connected to our mobile website. We optimize these pages for speed, simpler functionality and they're designed to fit on a mobile device's screen, which is smaller than a laptop or desktop computer's.

What banking can I do on Mobile Web?

You have full access to your accounts and most of the primary functions you normally use through Online Banking. You can:

  • manage memorized accounts
  • view account balances and summaries
  • access 15 days of account activity
  • view and manage scheduled bill payments and transfers
  • set up bill payments and transfers (both immediate and scheduled one-time transfers)

Some of the more advanced features are only available through Online Banking.

What does it cost to use Mobile Web?

Nothing, other than any fees for bill payments and transfers. And of course, you'll be using some of the data you pay for through your service provider if you're not using a Wi-Fi connection.

Where can I access Mobile Web?

Look on top right-hand corner drop-down box of this website for a link.

What do I need to sign up for Mobile Web?

You only need to be set up for Online Banking and have a mobile device with a data plan or be connected to the web using Wi-Fi.

Will Mobile Web work outside Canada?

Mobile Web's designed to work on mobile devices connected to a Canadian mobile carrier on a Canadian mobile network. But if your Canadian mobile carrier has a roaming agreement with a foreign carrier, Mobile Web should work. Please note that service outside of Canada is on a best-efforts basis only.

How secure is Mobile Web? Is my banking information safe?

Your accounts can only be accessed with the correct login credentials, so even if your phone is lost your banking information remains secure. Your personal information is just as secure through Mobile Web as it is through Online Banking.

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