Mobile Pay for Android FAQ

Can I get Mobile Pay for Android?

If you're an ACU retail member, have an ACU debit card, an Android phone with OS 4.4 and above that's equipped with NFC technology, and the latest version of ACU Anytime, then yes, you can get Mobile Pay! If you download the App to an eligible phone, Mobile Pay will appear as a menu option. If you're having difficulties downloading or installing Mobile Pay, please contact us at 204.958.8588 (toll-free 1.877.958.8588).

Are there other reasons why my phone would be excluded from Mobile Pay for Android?

Phones that have been rooted or otherwise tampered with are also not eligible for Mobile Pay.

Will my tablet work with Mobile Pay for Android?

Mobile Pay isn't supported for tablets, as these devices aren't commonly used for payment at brick & mortar stores.

Will my Apple iPhone work with Mobile Pay?

iPhone users have a product called Apple Pay. If you have an iPhone 6 or greater, or an iPhone 5 with Apple Watch, you can use Apple Pay. See Apple Pay on our website for more information about activating mobile payments using your iPhone.

Does my Blackberry / Windows phone work with Mobile Pay?

As of today, only Android phones (or the Blackberry PRIV which runs on the Android OS) support Mobile Pay.

Can I use Mobile Pay on my watch / wearable device?

We've developed Mobile Pay to be compatible with a wide range of Android phones. But we're actively exploring other options, including wearables and watches, that make payment (and life) that much more convenient. More to come!

Can I use my ACU Credit Card with Mobile Pay?

Mobile Pay is only being launched with the ACU debit card.

How does Mobile Pay fit with ACU Anytime?

Mobile Pay is built right into ACU Anytime, the app that you're always using to check your balances, pay bills and transfer funds. Mobile Pay for Android delivers fast and easy payments, while maintaining the security that you expect from ACU Anytime. You can also verify your balance immediately after making a purchase, which makes it easier to manage your money.

How do I set up Mobile Pay?

If you're using an eligible phone, Mobile Pay will appear as a menu option within your ACU Anytime app. Select that option to quickly complete the setup process. If Mobile Pay doesn't appear as an option and you meet all the other criteria, please call us at 204.958.8588 (toll-free 1.877.958.8588).

Why (and how) do I select a Passcode?

When activating Mobile Pay, you'll be asked to select a Passcode. This (4-12) digit numeric code will be used to complete larger purchases (over $100) and occasionally to verify your identity and protect your account. For security reasons, this Passcode should be different from your card PIN and your ACU Anytime password. You should also avoid choosing a Passcode that can be easily guessed, such as a birthday or a simple sequence of numbers.

Anything else I need to do during setup?

An additional security question may be asked during the set up process, as another measure to verify your identity. These are the same security questions you'll have set up for Online Banking and ACU Anytime.

How do I use Mobile Pay for Android?

When you're ready to purchase goods or services, the retailer's POS terminal will prompt for payment, as it does today for card transactions. Instead of inserting or tapping your card, simply open Mobile Pay to the "Pay Now" screen, and hold your phone in close proximity to the reader to complete your purchase. Of course your phone will need to be powered up and unlocked.

What is "Always On"? Is it a faster way to pay?

We've enabled several features that make Mobile Pay easier to use, without compromising security. Always On allows you to hold your powered and unlocked phone near the POS terminal and have it automatically open Mobile Pay within just a second or two. Within your "Settings" menu, you have the option to turn the Always On feature on, or off. You can also enable Mobile Pay for "Always On" from within the Tap & Pay settings menu in Android OS; simply set ACU Anytime as the default for Tap & Pay.
ACU has also enabled a "Pay Now" shortcut from your phone's home screen for your convenience, which takes you directly to Mobile Pay to complete a purchase.

How much time do I have to complete a purchase?

Once Mobile Pay is open, you have 30 seconds to hold your phone near the reader and complete the purchase. You will see an option to add more time or restart the timer on the "Pay Now" screen.

When will I enter a Passcode?

For purchases over $100, you'll be prompted to enter the Passcode that you selected when you set up your App. From time to time, you may also be prompted for a Passcode for additional security. For even more security, you may choose to require a Passcode for all purchases; this option is available in your Settings.

What is Pay with Passcode ($100+)?

If you know that your purchase will be over the $100 limit, you may enter your Passcode in advance of the purchase. This eliminates the need to tap the phone twice on the terminal to complete a larger purchase, and re-sets the cumulative dollar limit before you'll need to enter your passcode again. Pay with Passcode verifies your identity and keeps you moving quickly through the checkout line.

Is there a maximum dollar amount for a purchase?

There is no maximum dollar amount for Mobile Pay purchases. For purchases over $100 and from time to time, you'll be required to enter a Passcode. Mobile Pay purchases are subject to the same spending limits that apply to your ACU debit card.

How do I change or reset my Passcode? What if I forget my Passcode?

You'll get five attempts to enter your passcode. The last three tries will be counted down after which you'll be required to change or reset your passcode. You can change or reset your Passcode from Settings within ACU Anytime by entering your old Passcode. If you have forgotten your old Passcode you'll be asked a security question. You should choose a multi-digit, numeric Passcode that is easy to remember, but avoid numbers that are easy to guess such as 1234 or birthdays.

Does using Mobile Pay cost me anything?

No. Mobile Pay is included with ACU Anytime as part of your ACU account. Each payment will count as an electronic transaction if you pay transaction fees for your account. Please contact us any time to discuss the right account package for you.

How do I know when a purchase is complete?

Your phone will confirm for you that a purchase request has been successfully made. The POS terminal will communicate whether the transaction has been successfully approved, as it does today.

Will the case on my phone interfere with making purchases?

Mobile Pay transactions use a signal from within the phone to interact with the POS terminal and complete the purchase. The Mobile Pay signal is a magnetic field created by a small antenna, which interacts with a similar antenna on the POS reader. Depending on the thickness and material of your phone's case, there could be interference resulting in inconsistent functionality. By repositioning the phone on the terminal, and waiting up to a few seconds for the devices to communicate with one another, you should be able to successfully complete a purchase. If you have a thick phone case, you may need to take it off your phone to complete the purchase.

What should I do if my phone isn't working with the POS terminal?

Depending on the location of the signal from your phone and the case you're using, you may need to either remove the case or re-position your phone on the POS terminal. And because POS terminals may be slightly different themselves, you may find that this experience varies a bit from retailer to retailer.

Do I need network access to make a purchase?

No. Your phone (powered and unlocked) together with ACU Anytime has everything you need to complete a purchase at a retailer, whether or not you have network access at that time. ACU Anytime will occasionally require a connection to the network to stay updated. You may receive an occasional message from the App to connect to the Internet for that reason.

How do I do a Refund?

Refunds are initiated by the Merchant at the POS terminal, following the same rules for refunds as today. A Refund follows the same process as a purchase made with Android Mobile Pay. You'll be informed by the app at the end of your transaction whether your Refund was successfully completed. Refunds will be processed immediately to your account.

I'm having trouble with Mobile Pay. Who do I contact?

If you're having any difficulty with Mobile Pay technology, please call us at 204.958.8588 (toll-free 1.877.958.8588) and we'll be happy to help you out.

What if I download a new version of ACU Anytime?

You shouldn't need to reactivate Mobile Pay; it should continue to be active within the new version of the App.

What if I upgrade my Android OS?

You shouldn't need to reactivate Mobile Pay; it should continue to be active within the App.

What if I change my SIM?

You shouldn't need to reactivate Mobile Pay; it should continue to be active within the App.

What if I change my lock screen password?

In the vast majority of cases, this should have no impact on Mobile Pay. In some rare cases, changing the lock screen password may require reactivation of Mobile Pay.

What if I lose my mobile phone?

Please contact our Member Communication Centre immediately at 204.958.8588 (toll-free 1.877.958.8588) if you lose your phone.

What if I sell or upgrade my mobile phone?

Before you sell your phone, you should delete the ACU Anytime app from the phone. You may also wish to contact ACU to ensure that Mobile Pay has been fully deleted from your phone. You'll have to re-activate Mobile Pay on your new phone, using the same process you did the first time.

What if I lend my mobile phone to someone?

Before ever lending out your phone, you should set your app to "Pay with Passcode for all Purchases". Selecting a Passcode that avoids numbers that are easy to guess such as 1234 or birthdays will ensure that your account remains protected. Avoid lending your phone to anyone who you don't fully trust.

What if I change the accounts linked to my card?

As long as you haven't changed your default account for Interac Flash purchases, changing the accounts linked to your card should have no impact on Mobile Pay.

What if I change my default account for Interac Flash purchases?

If you change your default account for Interac Flash purchases, it'll also become your default account for Mobile Pay.

How is Mobile Pay secured?

Mobile Pay builds on the security of Interac Flash contactless chip debit technology, using state-of-the-art encryption and tokenization. Encryption protocols are equivalent to those used with chip & PIN cards. And tokenization, which allows card payments to be made using a randomly generated series of numbers, ensures that your card number is never stored within your phone, leaving it shielded in the event of an attack.

Mobile Pay also offers strong consumer protections such as transaction limits and Passcode verification. A Passcode is required for all purchases over $100, and from time to time to validate your identity. For even more security, you may choose to require a Passcode for all purchases; this option is available in your ACU Anytime Settings. Of course, avoid selecting a Passcode with numbers that are easy to guess such as 1234 or birthdays. With an exceptionally secure debit network, Interac fraud is at a global low. And Mobile Pay is backed by the Interac Zero Liability Policy, meaning a Member will never be liable if fraudulent usage of Interac Flash can be established.

What is NFC?

NFC stands for Near Field Communication, which is a contactless proximity technology. NFC uses the same standards as plastic cards (such as Interac Flash), which allow you to tap your card to complete transactions. It's known for short range and secure transmission, with a maximum distance of less than 5-10 cm. In practice, phones need to be held very near to device readers for a few seconds to complete a transaction.

How do I know if a terminal accepts NFC?

You'll know if a terminal is capable of reading NFC if it bears the icon to the right, which looks a bit like the Wifi symbol. For Mobile Pay, the reader also needs the proper software that allows it to accept Interac Flash.

Can Mobile Pay be "skimmed" to create fraudulent transactions?

Skimming is not possible with Mobile Pay. Purchases are completed using transaction-specific, secure tokens, which consists of a unique, randomly generated sequence of numbers. And like Interac Flash transactions, the information passed through NFC is encrypted.


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