Home Ownership

Renting or Buying

As we move through life, we're often faced with big decisions to make. Here's one of them: should you rent, or should you buy a home? Hmmm.

How Mortgages Work

We'll do all that we can to make your home buying experience simple and straightforward, including getting you a mortgage that works with your budget and on your terms.

Buying Your First Home

So, you're on your way to becoming a homeowner. Woohoo! Here are a few things that first time home buyers might want to consider before committing to a final offer.


Home renovations and repairs. Where do you start? Where does it end? And how will you pay for it all? Come, talk to us. We can help (well, financially anyway)!

Mortgage Renewals

Renewing your ACU mortgage is easy. Get prepared as you approach your maturity date and explore your renewal options.

Refinancing Your Home

Access some of the equity you've built up in your home and use it for renos, a new car, a special investment opportunity, to fund your retirement or to pay for a round-the-world once in a lifetime holiday!

Switching Your Mortgage

Shopping for a new mortgage isn't like buying a car, or going to a flea market. Talk to one of our in-branch mortgage experts for a simple and complete explanation of your options.

Specialty Mortgages

ACU makes it easy to find just the perfect mortgage, with specialty options that help make home ownership more affordable and even profitable.

Selling Your Home

It can be a difficult, lengthy and emotional process when it's time sell your home and move. It's easy to feel overwhelmed but we have a few tips that can help you.


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