A loan to purchase a Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP) is a great idea, if you want to contribute to an RRSP and benefit from tax deductions. If you're going to receive an income tax refund, you can use it to quickly reduce your loan.


  • use the funds to maximize this year's contribution or take advantage of unused carry forward amounts
  • maximize your savings income
  • increase your retirement income
  • no early repayment penalties; principal payments can be made anytime without penalty
  • flexible repayment schedules (weekly, bi-weekly, twice-monthly, monthly)

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Sometimes, you may need a helping hand to maximize your RRSP contribution. We have affordable RRSP loans that may work for you. You can even get started online. Once we receive your information, we'll set up a meeting to get things finalized. It's as simple as clicking the Apply Now button below!

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