Student Line of Credit

Our Student Line of Credit is designed to help post-secondary students who need funding to cover the costs of tuition, course fees, books and living expenses while away from home.


  • repay only the interest while you're in school
  • a six-month grace period after graduation before beginning regular payments to both principal and interest
  • Interest is charged only on the funds you use
  • convenient access to your credit through our branch network, online and mobile banking, ATMs, point of sale and cheques
  • standard student line of credit limit minimum starts at $5,000
  • no repayment penalties; pay off your line of credit at any time without being charged extra fees

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Apply for a Line of Credit

Get immediate access to cash with a line of credit from Assiniboine. Get approved once and you're good to go. Apply online today. When we get your information, we'll set up a meeting to finalize the details. To get started, just click the Apply Now button below.

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