Debit Card

Your ACU debit card is a convenient, practical and easy way to bank. Embedded with a chip and Interac technology, it provides you with even greater security and protection to make an already safe payment system, even safer.


A debit card gives you convenient access to your accounts:

  • to make purchases at point-of-sale terminals
  • at any credit union automated teller machine (ATM)
  • through online banking
  • through our mobile banking app
  • in our branches as identification
  • through telephone banking
  • through mobile text banking

How to get a debit card Expand/Collapse

Simply visit any ACU branch or call our Member Communication Centre at 204.958.8588 or toll-free 1.877.958.8588 . Your Personal Identification Number (PIN) assures security when using an ATM or making in-store purchases with your debit card. We'll give you your PIN along with your card if you pick it up at your ACU branch. If you call to order a debit card, you'll receive your PIN in the mail a few days before receiving your card.

You can change your PIN at any time right at an ATM.

Using your debit card in the USA Expand/Collapse

It's almost as easy as cash and with over two million merchants now on the network, you can carry less cash and feel safer during your travels. Just remember to bring along your debit card and remember (don't write down) your PIN. Look for the NYCE® and MAESTRO® logos at the point-of-sale terminal. You can check out a list of popular retailers where you can use your debit card, here

Exchange rates

Purchases are converted to Canadian dollars at the exchange rate that's in effect at the time your transaction is processed. Since exchange rates fluctuate, the rate applied will usually differ from the exchange rate posted at the time of your purchase. 

U.S. transactions on your statement

U.S. debit card transactions appear on your paper and online statements much like Canadian transactions do, with a few small differences. Depending on whether the retailer uses NYCE® or MAESTRO®, you may notice the U.S. dollar amount in the description, store name and number and location. The exchanged Canadian funds will debited from your account. 

Make sure you're covered

We recommend that you carry more than one form of payment with you.

  • U.S. cash is available at our branches
  • you can withdraw cash from most U.S. Automated Teller Machines (ATMs)

Interac Flash® debit cards Expand/Collapse

The new generation of debit cards comes with Interac Flash capability. Before your current card expires, we'll send you a new card that allows you to "tap and pay" for small purchases securely, without having to insert your card or enter your PIN.

Benefits of Interac Flash

  • Make smaller purchases quickly and conveniently
  • You don't have to enter your PIN and run the risk of someone seeing it
  • Your debit card never leaves your hand

Using your Flash debit card to pay

Look for the contactless logo  on the POS device screen, or simply ask the business if they accept Interac Flash or simply hold your debit card out and ask, "Can I tap?". Then follow these steps:

  • Tap your card against the terminal's screen, or hold it no more than 4 cm away
  • A beep and/or an "Approved" message on the screen will indicate that your transaction has been completed
  • The purchase will automatically be deducted from your primary account

Security measures implemented with Interac Flash

  • If you use the "tap" feature for more than $200 in purchases in a row, you'll be asked to enter your PIN. This resets your limit, and you can again use Interac Flash for your purchases
  • A limit is placed on how large a transaction can be at any one time, based on the type of service you're purchasing:
    • Basic purchases: up to $50
    • Gas and grocery: up to $100
  • From time to time, a POS terminal will randomly disallow a contactless transaction, and prompt you to insert your card and enter your PIN. This ensures that the rightful card owner is indeed using the card.
  • Interac Flash uses secure chip processing and a secure RF smartcard technology with exclusive functionality and security. Each transaction is unique and encrypted, and can't be copied. No personal information is ever sent in a transaction, only an encrypted payment code to complete your transaction.
  • Additional information on security and the Interac Zero Liability policy can be found on the Interac website

Change your authorized limits Expand/Collapse

To increase your limits so you can make a large purchase: 

If you want to make a purchase that's larger than your card limit, call us, and we'll temporarily change the limit on your card. After the purchase, we'll change the limit back to your regular amount.

If you believe your limits are too high: 

Call us and we'll reduce the limits on your card.

Important information about your PIN Expand/Collapse

Your Personal Identification Number (PIN) is used for Interac purchases and at ATMs. Your PIN is different from your Personal Access Code (PAC) which is used with your debit card number for online services.

  • it's critical that you safeguard your PIN by taking necessary steps to protect it and yourself from potential card fraud
  • memorize your PIN number (don't write it down); the safest place it can be is in your head
  • never give your number to anyone else
  • use your hand or body to shield the keypad when you enter your PIN at ATMs and point-of-sale (POS) terminals
  • always take your card and transaction record with you when your transaction is complete
  • avoid using numbers that can be easily associated with you, such as your date of birth, address, social insurance number, or phone number
  • when you receive your PIN, you can keep the number or go to any any credit union ATM bearing the ACCULINK® logo to change it (see the back of your debit card), or you can visit your branch to get a new PIN
  • we recommend you change your PIN regularly
  • if you ever forget your PIN, simply visit an ACU branch to have it reset, and bring two valid pieces of identification with you

Report lost or stolen cards Expand/Collapse

If your card is lost or stolen, CALL IMMEDIATELY so that we can take appropriate steps.

During business hours

Monday to Friday, 8am - 8pm and Saturday, 9am - 4pm
204-958-8588 or toll-free 1-877-958-8588.
At the prompt, press 2 to talk to a member service specialist

After business hours

Call toll-free 1-888-277-1043

Report unusual activity or unauthorized access Expand/Collapse

Get in touch with us right away if you're ever uneasy about a debit card purchase you made at a store, or used an ATM that appeared to be tampered with. We'll investigate and take a suitable course of action.

During business hours

Monday to Friday, 8am - 8pm and Saturday, 9am - 4pm
204-958-8588 or toll-free 1-877-958-8588.
At the prompt, press 2 to talk to a member service specialist

After business hours

Call toll-free 1-888-277-1043

Request a new card Expand/Collapse

Call us or visit any ACU branch (be sure to bring two valid pieces of personal identification). IMPORTANT: if your card is lost or stolen, contact us immediately, even if it's after hours, so that your card can be cancelled.

During business hours

Monday to Friday, 8am to 8pm and Saturday, 9am to 4pm
204-958-8588 or toll-free 1-877-958-8588.
At the prompt, press 2 to talk to a member service specialist

After business hours

Call toll-free 1-888-277-1043

Debit Card Replacement - Service Fees Expand/Collapse

Debit card replacement fee $10.00

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