ACU members have access to our network of over 30 ATMs in Winnipeg and Thompson (there's no ATM at our Gillam branch, sorry).

Use an ATM to:

  • withdraw funds
  • deposit cash or cheques
  • transfer funds between accounts linked to your ACU debit card
  • re-pin your ACU chip card by pressing "More" on the main menu

Credit union ATMs are fee-free

Not close to an ACU ATM? Not to worry, you can use any credit union ATM in Manitoba without being charged a fee.

What are your daily debit limits?

We've put a daily limit in place for withdrawals and purchases, in case your debit card is lost or stolen. Ask any ACU branch or call the Member Communication Centre to find out what your daily limit is. Remember that if you deposit funds into an ATM, they will not be immediately available due to our "hold" policy.

U.S. funds

Please don't deposit U.S. cash or cheques in an ACU ATM; instead, bring your U.S. funds to an ACU branch.

What's new at our ATMs?

No envelopes needed! Now, if you want to make a deposit at our Henderson branch or St. James drive-thru, you can just put in your cash and/or cheques without an envelope and let our ATM count your deposit for you. It'll even give you photo image of the cheques you deposited.


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