Community Programs

Being able to access a bank account or use it to its fullest potential requires a bit of work. You need ID, an appointment, and maybe an interpreter. If you are having trouble getting a bank account, or don't know where to start on your banking journey, our Financial Access Programs can help. Or maybe your family is a little tight on money and you don't know where to turn. Perhaps you are new to Canada and need a loan for a car or for a program that will get your professional credentials recognized here in Canada. Or you hope one day to send your kid to university, but you don't know how to make that happen.

Asset Building Programs

There's more to living poverty-free than just having an income; one challenge is saving up to buy important things you need to succeed. Fortunately, we can help. 

Community Partner Referral Program

We help all kinds of people, in all sorts of circumstances; we can assist you with opening an account, learning about savings, or by providing some practical knowledge about banking. Please contact one of our Community Referral Partners.

New to Canada Program

First of all, welcome! Here's where you'll find more information about how we can help you, and what programs are available to assist you in getting settled and getting started in your new country.

RESP Program

Would you like to start saving for your child's post-secondary education, but you're living on a low income? Learn more about RESPs and how to make the most of your income through SEED Winnipeg, who'll also provide you with hands-on support to open an RESP and apply for special benefits.


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