Stay on top of your account activity

Alerts give you relevant, timely and specific notifications that enhance the security and convenience of your online banking experience. Be alerted of any suspicious or fraudulent activity involving your logins, investments, payments, balances and more. 

How it works

  • alerts are free; cellular and data rates may apply, so check with your provider and cellular plan
  • preferences can be changed at any time 
  • be assured that no unauthorized logins or transactions can happen without your knowledge
  • get early notification of insufficient fund or pre-authorized payment issues and be notified of due dates for loans, mortgages, or maturing investments
  • alerts provide better prevention and notification in case of fraudulent or attempted fraudulent activity
  • choose the alerts you want to receive and how you wish to be notified, either by text (SMS) or email, or both
  • use online banking to manage your alerts and change your preferences at any time

Types of alerts available

Alert categoriesAlert description

Important changes to your account balances due to insufficient funds, or when an account balance drops below a pre-set minimum

Activity Withdrawals or deposits you have personalized
Security Events that you might want to be aware of to ensure your account has not been compromised, such as the addition of a new bill payment vendor or an alert that your Personal Access Code has changed
Payment Scheduled payments that may fail or that have failed, so you can take preemptive action
Loan Loans and mortgage payments that are due or about to mature
Investment Term investments that are about to mature
ATM balance inquiry Receive an alert when a balance inquiry has been made at an ATM

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