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Personal Banking

We make banking easy; we put people ahead of profits, we care more about service than service fees and we offer a level of service that is truly personal. Even though our whole world revolves around numbers, we're people, first and foremost. And that's how we'll treat you; like a person, not a number. Never. Ever.

Saving Strategies

Helping Manitobans save money is what we do; we not only offer you a safe place to save and grow your money in, but we help you save even more with expert advice from our financial advisors and some easy-to-follow tips. Hey, great save!

Banking Tips

Banking keeps evolving, but the fundamentals remain the same. Here are some bank account basics, such as what you'll need to open an account, how we can help you bank and how you can keep yourself safe from those who make their money by taking yours.

Managing Your Finances

This is the everyday stuff, that happens to everyday Manitobans; making a doable budget, handling debt, putting money aside for emergencies, and buying a vehicle. And if you have no idea how to start managing your finances, we can help you there, too.

Home Ownership

How do mortgages work? Great question and we've tried to explain it as well and simply as possible. Here, we'll share all (well, most) of what you'll need to know about mortgages, buying your first home, renovating and selling. To find out even more, come see us in person.

Handling the Unexpected

The thing about the unexpected is, that you never expect it to happen. Being well-prepared to handle whatever unexpected obstacles come up means you can minimize the effect on your life and those around you.


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