You thought business was complicated enough and then, you looked into business insurance. Whoa! How do you even begin to understand it, much less find the right coverage?

You love your business. You want to protect it however you can and in many cases, you're required to protect it. You should talk to Winnipeg Insurance Brokers Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of Assiniboine Credit Union. They know the ins and outs of it, the risks, the fine print, the broad strokes, the grand implications and the minute complications; they can predict what your business will need, find the perfect policy for you and even customize that with special endorsements. 

Winnipeg Insurance Brokers Limited partners with several reputable insurance companies to bring their clients coverage for:

  • the hospitality industry; hotels, restaurants and coffee shops
  • building owners' risks for office, wholesale and apartment buildings
  • builders' risks for commercial and residential buildings
  • retail grocery, clothing and furniture stores as well as barber, beauty shops, dairies and bakeries
  • small manufacturers/service shops/small and mid-size businesses such as woodworkers, metal works and machine shops, repair garages, printers and appliance repairs
  • contractors, landscapers, carpenters, building maintenance services, renovation contractors, heating, refrigeration and electrical contractors, window, door and floor installers

From property, equipment and liability to surety and commercial auto fleets, Winnipeg Insurance Brokers Limited can help you protect the business you love. For more business insurance information, get in touch with them directly.


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