Community Account Managers

Jeffrey Patteson


I have the very rewarding job of creative problem solving around the complex issues faced by non-profit, social enterprise, co-operative, and start-up businesses.

With over 15 years of experience in the financial services industry, half of that with Canada's largest bank, Jeffrey definitely knows his chops and is a great asset in our commercial finance sector at ACU. Jeffrey possesses a very analytical mind that continually seeks to add value to the member experience. He reviews and analyzes a business member's background and then takes a thoughtful, thorough approach in moving an organization forward, while recognizing the social, environmental and financial impact that it has on the community. Jeffrey helps organizations understand the importance of having healthy financial statements. As well, he assists start-ups in getting off to a strong start, providing a sounding board for their business plans and projections.


2nd floor, 200 Main Street


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