Community Account Managers

Bill Dinsdale,


Often members will have a spark of an idea of what they want to do and some goals to achieve, but aren't quite sure how to get there. That's where I can help, with direction and options to start them on their way.

Bill assists non-profit, co-operative, social enterprise and startup companies with their banking and financing needs. He's been with ACU for over ten years and brings five years of hands-on experience running a non-profit organization. Bill has solid experience in the roles of financial, business and community account manager, and his strong problem-solving skills come in handy when meeting with a group planning a non-profit affordable housing development, for instance, or when he's visiting a daycare to learn how their expansion plans will increase capacity to care for more children. Bill's goal is simple; to partner with organizations and help change the community for the better.


2nd floor, 200 Main Street


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