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Leasing is the go-to answer for businesses and organizations that want to keep fluid and keep moving forward, while ensuring your equipment and technology is as current as possible. Instead of purchasing equipment outright or financing through a loan, why not look at leasing through Concentra Financial, one of our commercial partners.

Leasing's not just for cars and office furniture

Pretty much anything can be leased, including: 

  • heavy equipment for construction, mining and energy sectors
  • semi-tractors and trailers
  • landscaping and excavation equipment
  • computer networks and communications systems
  • medical, laboratory and diagnostic equipment

So, why lease?

Cash flow advantage: leasing provides higher percentage financing than standard loans, but with lower monthly payments due to end of term residual value

Personalized payments: we're happy to customize a specific payment structure for almost any type of business and equipment needed

Stay modern: replace or upgrade your equipment at the end of the lease. Your equipment stays up to date, which maximizes productivity and efficiency

Preserve your credit: leasing expands your available capital without interfering with your established credit, vs purchasing

Don't defer what you need today: you can't always predict when you'll need equipment, and leasing lets you obtain what you need now ,even if it is not budgeted.

Easier to handle sales taxes: sales taxes are not paid in advance, but paid on each rental payment during the term of the lease.

Pay as you profit: put your new equipment to work right away, it will pay for itself and pay you in no time. 

Find out more

Call our Member Communication Centre at 204.958.8588 (toll-free 1.877.958.8588) and ask to speak to a Business Account Manager.


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