Business Account Managers

Michelle Hardy


“I’m a great listener and truly want to help members be successful in their business.”

For over 20 years, Michelle has brought her special skills to her work in the financial services industry. With extensive experience in both the retail sales and commercial financing areas, Michelle is able to assist members with all their banking and financing needs. Every day Michelle works hard to give her clients the money they need to grow and expand their business; whether it’s an operating line of credit to manage cash flow, or construction financing to build that new building, she can find the way to get it done.

Michelle’s goal is to be a great business account manager who members happily refer to their friends and colleagues. As a busy mom of three, her personal time is filled with kids’ activities, hiking, camping and family gatherings. She loves the people and energy of ACU and looks forward to helping members every day.


2nd floor, 200 Main Street


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