Online Purchases and Payments by Debit Card

Shop online and pay direct from your ACU business account with Interac® Online.

Interac® Online is a fast and simple way to purchase or pay over the internet, by debiting funds directly from your business account. It's also secure, because none of your banking information is shared with the merchant or vendor. All you need is an ACU Debit Card, online banking access and money in your account.


  • make online purchases from your computer or mobile device
  • purchase from hundreds of online merchants and payees, including the Canada Revenue Agency
  • funds are withdrawn immediately from the account you specified, so you're only spending what you have on hand

Are you a business owner and you want to accept Interac® online through your website? Visit Interac® Online for Merchants

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Just like every other aspect of online banking, security measures are in place that ensure that your login and payment details stay secure. Making an Interac® Online purchase is safe and private, because no banking information is shared with the merchant. And Interac® is a trusted source in the financial industry.

How to get started with Interac® Online Expand/Collapse

If you have an ACU Debit Card and online banking, you're ready to make online purchases and payments using Interac® Online, as long as the debit card account is single signer*.

*Single signer accounts are accounts where only one signer is required. Joint accounts qualify, as long as only one member is needed to make a purchase.

Here's how to use Interac® Online Expand/Collapse

  1. Select Interac® Online as the method of payment
  2. When Interac®'s webpage appears, select Assiniboine Credit Union
  3. Log in to your online banking
  4. Select the account you wish to debit, and verify the details of payment, including merchant name and amount
  5. Complete the purchase

You'll be redirected back to the merchant/payee's website and receive confirmation of your purchase/payment. Remember, your financial information is never shared with the merchant, making this type of payment very private and secure.

PLEASE NOTE: payments through Interac® Online must be in Canadian dollars through Canadian dollar accounts. Payments cannot be made in US dollars.

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Once the Interac® Online transaction is completed, the money has been taken out of your account and credited to the merchant. Please contact the merchant to initiate a refund or return.

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Online businesses that accept Interac® Online will have Interac's logo displayed, along with other payment options.

Here's a list of participating merchants that accept INTERAC® Online. Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) accepts INTERAC® Online for personal and business tax payments.

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Individual online purchases have upper limits. There are also limits for the amounts that can be spent in any 7-day or 30-day period. Limits cannot be increased to levels higher than those shown.

Per Purchase  $3,000
Rolling 7-day limit $10,000
Rolling 30-day limit $20,000

Opting out of Interac® Online Expand/Collapse

Contact our Member Communication Centre or visit any branch, and they can turn off Interac® Online for you. This service is on by default for all ACU members with a debit card and online banking. It's built into our secure system, and will always be there for you in the future should you wish to use it.

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No additional fee is charged to use Interac® Online. Please keep in mind that transactional fees on an account may apply.

Interac® Online transactions are counted as a debit card purchase within account package service fees. All Interac® Online purchases or payments will be identified as an Online Pmt with the corresponding vendor name through which the transaction was made.


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