International Co-operative Principles

Assiniboine Credit Union and other co-operatives are guided by these principles:

Voluntary and open membership

Co-operatives are open to everyone. You, your family, friends, neighbours and co-workers; individuals, organizations, non-profits and businesses; are all welcome as members of Assiniboine Credit Union. 

Democratic member control

Co-operatives are controlled by their members through a "one member, one vote" process. As a member owner, you can run for the board, participate in elections and attend the Annual Meeting.

Member economic participation

Every member contributes an equal member share investment of $5 toward the equity of the credit union. Through electing your Board of Directors, all members have a say in how assets of the co-operative are allocated.

Autonomy and independence

The members control the co-operative democratically, and partnerships with other organizations will not affect the integrity and autonomy of the members’ co-operative. 

Education, training and information

Co-operatives work to inform and empower employees, members, board members and the public through education, training and clear communication.

Co-operation among co-operatives

Co-operatives serve their members most effectively as well as strengthen the co-operative movement by working together through local, national, regional and international structures.

Concern for community

Co-operatives work to ensure that their members are part of healthy, inclusive, sustainable and prosperous communities.


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