Call for Member Resolutions

The deadline for submitting member resolutions ended at 3pm, November 5, 2018. All resolutions submitted prior to that time will be considered by the Board of ACU.

Under The Credit Unions and Caisses Populaires Act, the Board of ACU may refuse to allow a resolution to be included in the election package under certain circumstances. In such a case, ACU will notify the member within 10 days of receiving the resolution that it has been refused, and will include the reasons for the refusal.

ACU will provide notice to the membership of resolutions that have been submitted through the election packages delivered to members in January 2019. If the member submitting the resolution requests it, ACU will also include a statement by the member of not more than 200 words in support of the resolution, with the name and address of the proposing member. Assiniboine Credit Union’s Board may also provide a statement of its position for or against the resolution.

For further information or to speak with a member of the Nominating Committee, please contact Jocelyn Peifer Ross at 204.258.3424 or at

Voting on a Resolution

In 2019, a properly submitted resolution will be voted on by ballot before the Annual Meeting.

Resolutions that are not part of the election package (and therefore, members have not received notice) will be ruled out of order if raised at the Annual Meeting. However, a member may propose from the floor at the Annual Meeting that “The Board of Directors consider …” a certain course of action and ask that the Board of Directors report back at the next Annual Meeting. A formal vote on any such proposal, however, will not be permitted.


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