Governance and Leadership

As a member, you can vote for your board of directors who provide guidance to the credit union. An appointed, experienced executive management team get things done on a day-to-day basis.

How Credit Unions Work

Assiniboine Credit Union offers its members the usual financial products such as loans, mortgages, plus different kinds of accounts and investments and professional financial counselling. We're fundamentally different than banks in a couple of areas, though; ownership, and principles of operation. Find out what makes us different and we think, a little better.

Annual Reports

Have a look through our yearly reports which outline our financial achievements, our values and performance and how we're working to balance fiscal and social responsibility.

Audit & Risk Report to Members

This report outlines the key activities undertaken during the year by the Audit and Risk Committee, whose primary role is to ensure the Board fulfills its oversight responsibilities.

Annual Meeting

Please join us at the annual meeting every March to hear our financial achievements, how we're working to balance fiscal and social responsibility and learn the results of our general election.


One member, one vote. As a credit union member, you have the right to vote for your board of directors and to nominate a member (including yourself) to run for election to the board.

Board of Directors

Our Board is committed to governing honestly and professionally; it acts to protect and enhance assets in the interest of members and other stakeholders, establish policy and set our direction.

Executive Management Team

Meet the team that inspires, guides and drives Assiniboine Credit Union on a daily basis.

Policies and Committees

Having solid governing policies in places greatly helps ACU management run the credit union effectively and properly. ACU is governed by 30 policies; specific Committees are responsible for monitoring adherence to these policies.

Remuneration and Loans

Directors are paid an annual retainer and a per diem for attending meetings.


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